Marc Conteduca ND

Marc Conteduca ND

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Marc Conteduca ND

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What to Expect


During the initial naturopathic medicine appointment, you may need to fill out the naturopathic patient forms for any adults and children attending [if not done in advance online through Jane], which can be downloaded from this page or provided by the front desk. You can expect to take about 15 minutes filling out all the necessary information for both forms. This includes both the intake and consent forms.


As part of your initial assessment, it is best to supply recent copies of your blood work from your medical doctor [or a printed/online copy] as that greatly helps the naturopathic doctor determine your current health. The doctor will also spend around one to one-and-a-half hours obtaining medical history on your physical, mental, and emotional health. After which, you will be given a complaint-oriented physical examination.


My goal is to provide a thorough assessment of your case with an alternative and conventional approach. An individualized treatment plan is provided after completion of your initial visit. Dietary and lifestyle modifications provide the foundation to which all other treatments are built upon. Many of these treatments include a combination of botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and nutraceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine, and physical medicine.



At your follow-up visit, additions and adjustments are made based on any lab testing and feedback during your visit. Safe and effective treatment plans are further developed and provided to address the whole person (their mental-emotional, physical and spiritual attributes) through individualized care.



For more detail on naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, herbal supplements, or other alternative medicine, we invite you to call us to book a complimentary naturopathic consultation.

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